“I booked to see A Christmas Carol, with my five-year-old grandson, and prepared him with the story in case the play was dry and boring. I was not expecting him to last the whole of two hours. However, to my utter delight and surprise it turned out to be a fantastic production. It included fun, jokes and laughter for all, with my grandson laughing and giggling as the play progressed. In the same instance, it also highlighted the emotional sadness the characters faced in their normal lives. For me, the best part was, that although, the play kept in with the story line of Dickens' original tale, it added a modern twist. Scrooge's business was using modern 'marketing' techniques and hell was full of bankers and politicians! For the first time, this play highlighted to me how Scrooge’s life experiences had moulded him into a self-centred person and why he rejected love as he himself had been rejected many times in his life. Dicken's play suddenly brought out the psychology of the human being, especially the negative effect society has when it pressurises males to control their emotions and hold everything internally. This play, therefore, was not just about Christmas spirit of loving and giving - it was much more! If every viewer of this play saw what I saw, then this production will be a huge success!! I congratulate Andrew, the script writer and the actors who did an amazing job changing from character to character. Well done to all and here's wishing success in this and all future productions!!”


“We saw A Christmas Carol at The Crescent Theatre this afternoon - what a clever use of lighting and minimal props alongside a multi-talented group of actors. Highlights had to be: Not So Tiny Tim; the variety of accents demonstrated by the Ghost of Christmas Present; and the simplicity of Scrooge's vertical bed was really effective. A small theatre and intimate production - it made us laugh and brought a tear to the eye, the greatest gift any drama can give.”


“To come to the theatre and watch something with a story that the whole world has heard for a hundred years is great, especially when it’s made to feel fresh and brand new like this production of A Christmas Carol. It really is a show that is worth watching. A show with a fantastic cast, who had lashings of charisma and pace. Well done everyone.”


“There was no Bah Humbug about watching your production of A Christmas Carol. We thought there was a good mix of comedy and drama, talented actors, and we appreciated the minimal set changes to keep things moving. It was a lovely way for us to start December.”


 “Went to watch Scrooge this afternoon with my 6 year old daughter. It was a fantastic production and beautifully acted. We both loved it!! My daughter even cried during the emotional scenes and loved it when Scrooge came over at the end to shake her hand. Thank you for a wonderful afternoon.”

© Andrew Corcoran, 2018

A Christmas Carol
Ebenezer Scrooge  - Barbara Treen

Bob Cratchit (and other characters) - Robert Woodhall

Ghost of Christmas Past (and other characters) - Demelza O'Sullivan

Ghost of Christmas Present (and other characters) - Susan Brooke

Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come (and other characters) - Brian Goredema-Braid

Effects - Robert Treen

Director - Andrew Corcoran